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Lilly Cecil


It’s impossible to really put into words all of the feelings that have come up over the last few days. What are you supposed to say about someone you have known for basically your entire life? I've known Matthew for 14 years starting when we met as toddlers at Forestville Elementary where our older brothers went to school. I wouldn't consider him to be anything but a dear friend and brother, the entire Poyner family is my second home. I cannot even begin to imagine what my childhood would have been like had he not been there. There are so many amazing memories that I now have and cherish. Playdates and playgroups, Birthdays, Halloweens, first communion, confirmation, religious ed classes, summers and even days after school where we would go and play in the Poyner’s backyard and jump on the trampoline. But I think one of my favorite memories happened when we were little about maybe the age of 7, Matt used to sleep over at my house. Of course this is back when Gabby and I lived in the same room and slept in bunkbeds, so when Matt came over he would sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor, but I know he didn’t mind because we would spend the whole night awake talking and playing anyways. We would put all kinds of pillows and blankets on the floor and jump from the top bunk into the pile. My mom would have to come in repeatedly to tell us to go to sleep.

            He had such a love for life. It really is an amazing thing when one individual can bring so many different people together. Matt really was such a wonderful person who had the ability at such a young age to touch so many lives with all of his kindness. He reached out to as many people as he could, and it was never hard for him to make friends because he was such a likable person. He always had the goal to make someone laugh and he always knew what to say. He was such a caring and loving person surrounded by people who truly loved him back. Lindsey, Ryan, and John I love you guys and I know that Justin would be here if his college schedule allowed for it. And I thank Mr. and Mrs. Poyner for sharing their son with me for so many years.

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