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Matthew Poyner was a healthy 16-year-old from Great Falls, Virginia.  He died in his sleep in February 2015. Months later we learned he died of after an acute case of viral myocarditis.  The youngest of four children, Matt lived each day to the fullest.  His interests were varied -- from theatre and history, to SEC football and the Washington Nationals, to country music and current events.  He had an inborn desire to experience everything life had to offer. 


Matt was a caring and compassionate soul; always willing to help a friend in need.  To know him was to know unconditional love and friendship; it was reflected in his infectious smile and his warm personality.  He was also a natural athlete, a supportive teammate, a quiet leader and a serious competitor on the baseball diamond, the basketball court and along the links.


Matt’s love of learning and passion for baseball provided focus for his college dreams.  He was disciplined in his studies and his pre-season training routines.  Years of dedication were about to pay off as the high school baseball season approached and his prospects for playing baseball in college came into focus. 


Matt anticipated his future with joy and high hopes that many of his dreams would be fulfilled.  Matt’s foundation exists to celebrate Matt’s love of life, compassion for others, and his competitive spirit.

Langley High School Homecoming Picture
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