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John Poyner


Matt’s brother John spoke at the funeral Mass of his bond with his brother, “He’s always been my anchor for as long as I can remember"



Father Bill Byrne


Fr. Byrne delivered a touching and inspiring homily at Matt’s funeral Mass, “God definitely smiled on the world through Matt Poyner"


Ryan Poyner


Matt’s brother Ryan spoke at McLean Bible Church about the traits that made Matt genuinely unique, “Matt knew that sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero” 

Sterling Green


Matt’s great uncle Sterling spoke at the funeral Mass, “My friends, we have been given precious gold in the life of Matt Poyner"


Alex Ladd


Alex Ladd spoke about his best friend,  "The bottom line is Matt made me smile every time I was with him. Matt was the best friend I could have asked for."

Lilly Cecil


Lilly Cecil spoke, "He had such a love for life. It really is an amazing thing when one individual can bring so many different people together."

Sarah Van Houten 


Sarah spoke "I am so lucky to experience his love and friendship". 

Dani Isaacson

Dani spoke "Matt is the most loving, compassionate and hilarious person to ever walk the planet". 

Olivia Augustini

Olivia spoke "Hi, I am Olivia and I am blessed to say that Matt was one of my closest friends".

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