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Matthew Poyner MVP Memorial Myocarditis Research Fund


On February 24, 2016 we marked the one-year anniversary of Matt’s death by funding the Matthew Poyner MVP Memorial Myocarditis Research Fund at the Johns Hopkins Heart and Vascular Institute. With an initial contribution of $42,000 we are taking steps to positively impact the ongoing bench to bedside translational research of myocarditis at Johns Hopkins. Fundraising activities and many generous donations over the past year made this gift possible. 


Hopkins' lead clinical researcher Dr. Stuart Russell believes his team can identify markers that may predict an increased risk for developing myocarditis. He states, “our goal is to develop a simple blood test that may predict patients at risk or having early symptoms of myocarditis which would allow us to treat them earlier. 

Hopefully, we can prevent the tragedy that happened to Matthew from ever happening again.” We look forward to Dr. Russell joining us during the cocktail hour and dinner at our 2nd annual golf tournament on Monday, October 3, 2016 at Hidden Creek Country Club in Reston, VA.  

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